About Instalco

The idea of creating an installation group comprising highly specialised units started in the spring of 2014, when five companies consolidated and founded Instalco. Since then, the group has taken several steps in its development; Additional units have joined, the group has been awarded multi-disciplinary projects, and cooperation in technology, environment and purchasing have been initiated.

Instalco’s business is conducted in each unit in close relations with the customer and with the support of a small central organisation. The specialisation may be in respect of method or technical expertise, meaning that the most well suited unit for the specific assignment is being proposed. By doing do, the customer receives an optimised result. Instalco also apply best practice to spread successful concepts throughout the organisation. Our improvement work, IFOKUS, supports this. The competence and development of the staff and our satisfied customers are key to our continued success.

Cooperation, mature leadership and efficient processes are key aspects in Instalco. In addition, Instalco put emphasis on ensuring that everyone in the group carries a sound and common set of values. Our safety practice is of the utmost importance and is characterised by individual care, risk analysis of the critical parts of the construction process and a well-planned work process.

Our ambition is to grow and become one of the largest installation groups in the Nordics. We create a solid platform to achieve this by acquiring companies of high quality and with committed leadership. We also grow organically through cooperation between the units. The business model allows a high degree of entrepreneurship combined with a strong will to be part of a winning team.

Instalco is a Nordic group with representation in Sweden, Norway and Finland. 

Companies that are a part of Instalco