Values and leadership

Values and leadership

Our set of values

Instalco’s values are based on innovative thinking, efficiency and cooperation.

  • Innovative thinking

We simplify contacts and provide end-to-end solutions between technical Areas. We focus on quality and sustainability.

  • Efficiency

We have a small organization and efficient processes for each assignment. We endeavour to simplify the work every day, both internally and for our customers.

  • Cooperation

We work closely with the customers and have an internal cooperation and mature leadership. Our employees demonstrate major commitment in the work and listen to, and learn from, each other.


Our values give clear customer promises for Instalco and Instalco’s companies. They describe how Instalco works on a daily basis.

Instalco has a small and efficient management team in Stockholm, which is strengthened by regional collaboration and a strong local leadership.

The companies in the Instalco group have large delegated responsibility for its running business.

Instalco builds the business based on strong local leaders who are close to the customers’ daily reality. Strong leadership in the companies provides a solid foundation for recruitment of level 2 managers for the group and tomorrow’s leaders in each company. Entrepreneurial leadership gives Instalco the power to grow.

Instalco works with best practice as a model, where all companies learn from the assignments Instalco perform. This also applies to governing documents, purchasing agreements and more.

Instalco holds internal training and courses to develop its employees. Programmes are available to senior fitters, project managers and managers on various levels. All courses are possible for all employees to attend.