Vision, Business concept and Business model

Vision, Business concept and Business model

Instalco is a closely connected group of companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland with extensive experience from the business. We combine a modern business model with vast expertise within our technical areas. This gives an efficient collaboration internally as well as for our customers.

Instalco works as a united corporate group with strong local units. The companies that are acquired by Instalco keep their previous name.


We enable our companies, employees and customers to grow by collaborating on installations for the transition to a green society for the next generation. We are the most competent and effective installation partner for our customers.

Business concept

Instalco’s business concept is to offer end-to-end solutions within electrical, heating and plumbing and climate systems on the Nordic market by combining the local company’s proximity to the customer with efficient cooperation and mature management.

Instalco’s business model

Our business model combines local proximity with a large company’s opportunities to offer end-to-end solutions for our customers.

The business model if based on the following:

  • Local proximity – we chose the optimal company for each project.
  • End-to-end solutions between technical areas, cross sales between companies.
  • Best practice – we learn from each other and use the best methods.
  • Efficient internal organisation – decentralised responsibility and a strong leadership culture.
  • Acquisitions and organic growth in selected regions.
  • Both installation and service.


Acquisitions are made based on four clear requirements:

  • Strong local market position.
  • Strong financial position and many years of experience.
  • Competent entrepreneurs as leaders.
  • Culture and values on par with Instalco’s set of values.