Instalco aims to, every single day, generate benefits to society via its climate-smart, energy-efficient installations that lead to lower consumption of resources. Providing safe, sustainable installations that help generate benefits to society is a high priority for us. We also put much emphasis on having a safe, stimulating work environment.

Instalco is always striving to help customers lower their environmental impact via lower energy consumption and higher environmental awareness. Property owners of both newly constructed and older buildings are currently focusing more on investments in energy efficient installations aimed at lowering operating costs and meeting the ever-increasing sustainability demands of the market and consumers.

Examples of areas where Instalco helps generate benefits to society and higher energy efficiency are via its installations of solar cells, heat pumps, geothermal heating, heat exchangers, LED lighting, charging stations, energy-saving programs and property automation. Instalco's installs modern ventilation systems for higher air circulation and cleaner air in indoor environments. We are also involved in many water treatment projects throughout the Nordic region.

Instalco helps the end client apply the broadest possible approach to sustainability. We strive to increase their knowledge of what is possible to achieve in a construction project, from an environmental perspective.


Instalco´s sustainability program is called “Sustainable installations”.

The Sustainability Programme focuses on three main areas that should permeate all areas of the Group's sustainability work:

  1. Safe and modern work environment
  2. Sustainable installations
  3. Mature leadership

Within these three main areas, there are eight sustainability targets that will be measured and followed up on each year. The overall aim is to thereby achieve improvements each year in all areas:

  •  Vision Zero for workplace accidents
  •  Satisfaction, health and security
  •  Career development
  •  Sustainable classified Instalco project 
  •  Generating benefits to society
  •  Customer satisfaction
  •  Business ethics
  •  CSR


One key component of the new Sustainability Programme is “Sustainable Instalco Project”, which is a certification system.

In order for a project to become classified as a Sustainable Instalco Project, it must meet six specific sustainability indicators. For example, it must meet the requirements on occupational health and safety by going through the Safe Employee programme when the project starts up. Furthermore, all suppliers involved in the project must sign Instalco’s Code of Conduct. The project must also demonstrate qualities making it climate-smart.

  1.  Review of the Instalco program ”Secure Employees”
  2.  Suppliers have signed ”Instalco Code of Conduct for Suppliers”.
  3.  The project helps counteract climate change.
  4.  Delivery plan has been prepared.
  5.  Sorting of materials and waste.
  6.  The customer has been offered a sustainability contract/service contract


Instalco has become a signatory of the UN Global Compact and is committed to doing its part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.


Photo: Unsplash.